Guideway Wealth’s Specialisations

Product Assessment

Just like creating any valuable construction, a quality outcome relies on quality materials. Financial advice is no different; quality products augment the outcomes that meticulous strategic planning can deliver. We believe that product solutions, in isolation, are rarely sufficient to meet client’s needs and objectives, but when married to sound strategy, become very powerful.

Guideway’s advisers operate on a true fee-for-service basis free from remuneration-based conflicts of interest. This allows our advisers and analysts to systematically assess the quality of each product on its merits ensuring first and foremost that recommendations meet client’s needs and objectives.

Our approved products have not been laboured by additional adviser service fees that are built into the Management Expense Ratios allowing for higher net returns. Guideway Wealth does not have an exhaustive list of approved products, but only have the superior products that will complement each other to deliver augmented risk adjusted portfolio performance.